Waterwise landscape design

Because more than half of residential water use occurs outdoors, creatively planning a landscape that conserves water presents the greatest opportunity to use water wisely. Saving water is really easy if you know how. Water-smart landscaping offers endless possibilities to conserve nature's most precious natural resource. We have collected several resources to help you make the best of your landscape. Check out the links below for more information about saving water while also keeping your landscaping beautiful in a sustainable way. Desert-Friendly Plants for Victorville Landscapes.

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Water Wise

Stop over-watering your yard, learn exactly what you need to set your water controller. Ensure you are using the best amount of water for the specific weather or time of year. Learn exactly what you need to schedule your irrigation controller to apply the right amount of water for your specific landscaping and climate. Want a free no-contact, outdoor visit by a SJW water efficiency expert to check for leaks and recommend critical water and money-saving improvements?

Take a Garden Tour or look at the Garden Gallery for ideas on how to incorporate a variety of low-water-use plants. Click "Add" to save a favorite plant or garden to your list. And be sure to check out the Resources for information to help you design and maintain your garden. Landscape Ideas. Garden Tours. Find the Right Plant. Lawn Substitutes. Helpful Resources Stop over-watering your yard, learn exactly what you need to set your water controller.

Free No-Contact, Outdoor Water Efficiency Visits Want a free no-contact, outdoor visit by a SJW water efficiency expert to check for leaks and recommend critical water and money-saving improvements? Smart Landscape Design Templates Designing a new garden?

Water Wise Landscaping Resources

Most turfs in Aurora are comprised of Kentucky bluegrass, which thrives in — you guessed it — Kentucky. To keep that bluegrass lush and green in Colorado requires significant supplemental water. Water is a limited resource. Limit high-water grass to areas such as backyards where families gather and children and pets play.

For example, planning for a naturalized garden design with adaptive plant species can attract birds and insects and reduce maintenance, and also.

Water Wise Landscaping Website

August 1, by Jimmie Gibson. Just because water restrictions are here just like there always are every summer does not mean your dream landscape has to be restricted. You just have to become water-wise in your landscape design. Xeriscaping is a landscape and gardening style that reduces or eliminates the need for supplemental water from irrigation. If you happen to live in a surrounding city of Dallas, you are probably very familiar by now the water restrictions that come up regularly during the summer months. Water-Wise landscape design is sought after for many homeowners during this time. Drought tolerant landscaping is gaining acceptance in cities outside of the Dallas city limits, as access to water becomes more limited. Xeriscaping is an alternative to various types of traditional gardening. This water-wise landscape design has a very southwest style of feel to it. It compliments many different styles of homes here in the Dallas area.

Water-wise Landscapes

I grow gardens Nan Sterman The Waterwise Gardener. You can create a waterwise garden that is bright, brilliant, and colorful — with as much interest, wildlife and variety — and in some ways more — than any other garden. Meet the challenges of creating California gardens with Nan:. Learn more about Nan and what being a Waterwise Gardener is all about.

This site provides resources for designing and installing water-wise landscaping in San Luis Obispo County, selecting climate-appropriate plants, and irrigation and drainage improvements that will help you improve your landscape and protect your watershed. Get started by watching a video on how to use this site , reading this introduction , or by selecting from the drop-down menus above.

Water Wise Landscaping

Your landscape designer will help you to transformed your home into a new space that is designed for living, making memories, and enjoying beauty. Low maintenance landscapes are stunning to look at and the envy of the neighborhood. Water-wise landscapes can also save you thousands on your water bill. We begin with a free initial consultation to carefully listen to your individual sense of style and practical needs to create a stunning outdoor space. Waterwise gardens and landscaping does not need to be boring. With the right design your home will can feel lush, colorful and full of character.

Waterwise Yards: Design the Best Garden for You!

Discover drought-tolerant gardening techniques that will help your garden overcome water restrictions. Create the Illusion of Water with Plants. Pam Penick shares ideas for using grasses, trees, groundcovers and other plants to evoke water in a dry garden. Jim Martinez has been creating water-wise, environmentally friendly gardens in Dallas and Marfa, Texas for more than 30 years. He picks seven of his favorite plants to grow in desert regions, including Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Spruce up your yard—and lower your water bill—with these pro tips from the Denver Botanic Gardens and water-conscious Sterling Ranch.

Waterwise Landscape Design uses xeriscape principles to create beautiful outdoor spaces that use less water, need less maintenance, and are good to the environment. Founded in and based in Kelowna, Waterwise Landscape Design is the first xeriscape design company in the Okanagan serving residential and commercial clients. Xeriscape pronounced zerra-scape can be green and lush, can include turf, and may or may not feature rock mulches. Xeriscaped landscapes reduce pesticide and herbicide use by supporting a natural healthy balance between soil, plants, and other living organisms.

Does it express your style? It should! Whether you prefer a tidy, grassy lawn or splashes of color and texture the likes of a botanical garden, it is imperative to keep irrigation in mind. In Colorado, we enjoy a semiarid climate, which means we must be wise with our water usage.

Water Wise Landscape. Proudly Serving Bermuda Dunes and nearby areas.

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